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How one Cosmetic Procedure Solves two Beauty Problems

It’s not unusual to come across a beauty treatment that seems too good to be true – especially if the procedure is reportedly an effective solution to help manage two different problem areas when it comes to enhancing one’s natural appearance.

Whether it’s for aesthetic or therapeutic purposes, Intense Pulsed Light, commonly referred to as IPL, is a popular technique that helps improve a variety of skin conditions. It is also a treatment for reducing and removing unwanted body hair.

IPL is a technology used by cosmetic and medical practitioners whereby fibroblasts in the dermis of the skin are stimulated to promote the growth of new collagen. The process involves a broad spectrum of high-intensity light that is emitted at multiple wavelengths. Unlike laser hair removal, which uses a laser light source to emit one single focused wavelength to maximise follicle absorption, IPL can treat larger areas of unwanted hair growth.

According to Dr Rastogi Bella Face Cosmetic Surgery & Medi Spa Practice Manager, Jenna Cambourn, this type of skin rejuvenation results in a smoother, brighter complexion which improves overall tone and texture, and is particularly effective in treating medical skin issues.

“For people managing rosacea, acne, pigmentation spots caused by sun damage, and broken capillaries, IPL been described as a life changer,” Ms Cambourn said.

“It’s a treatment in constant demand by patients seeking corrective enhancements, whether they be health-related or visually more appealing.”

Above: Before and after treatment.

IPL is most often used to treat the face, neck and décolletage, but can also be used on any other areas including the back of the hands and arms. It can be helpful in reducing unwanted freckles caused by chronic sun exposure as the process targets melanin, a pigment found in skin cells.

“As with many treatments, the procedure is not a one-off, and for best results, it is recommended to have at least four sessions separated by monthly intervals,” Ms Cambourn explained.

The subject of hair removal methods, whether to shave, wax, pluck or use special creams, can be a sensitive one – literally. Shaving, for instance, can promote in-grown hairs which can become painful and sometimes infected, while other methods can be messy, time consuming and irritating.

Whatever your views, IPL has now become a popular hair removal choice across many age groups, notably among millennials.

“Our highly trained therapists use medical grade devices and deliver an extremely versatile method that can be applied safely and effectively to undesirable body hair on the face, bikini line, underarms and other problematic areas,” Ms Cambourn explained.

“Because it is neither a surgical nor an invasive procedure, patients favour IPL because it provides quicker results with less downtime, and there’s no need to take any time off work.”

Dr Rastogi Bella Face Cosmetic Surgery & Medi Spa is located at Honeysuckle, Newcastle. For more information about cosmetic procedures visit

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