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Northerly Adventures

Iceland is one of planet Earth's most enchanting destinations. It wows visitors with its astonishing volcanic scenery, exhilarating activities and other-worldly natural phenomena. Very much a year-round destination, Iceland has two peak seasons; summer (June-August), when the sun barely sets, and winter (November-March), when the Northern Lights cast their eerie spell over this magical island.

Elusive and ethereal, the aurora borealis (Northern Lights) are a sight for sore eyes as they dance across the dark skies above a patchwork of awe-inspiring Icelandic landscapes. But while you wait for them to appear, there's plenty to keep you enthralled in capital city Reykjavik, as well as the popular tourist destination of Vik, Iceland's most southerly town.

Enjoy trips to the Golden Circle and Blue Lagoon where you'll witness the power of Seljalandsfoss, one of the country's most striking waterfalls, and float past the icebergs of the Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon.

Collette runs a seven-day small group tour to Iceland’s Magical Northern Lights to help Australians realise their dreams of seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland.

As remote as Iceland is, if you’re looking to travel to a place that’s truly off the beaten track, then the incredible Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, located high above the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland will appeal. With plenty of exciting winter activities like snowmobiling, husky sledging and reindeer sleigh rides – a real Arctic adventure awaits!

Situated in a remote Finnish national park near Ivalo, there is no artificial light pollution in this part of the world, which makes it the perfect place for optimal viewing of nature’s magical northern lights display.

Stay in unique glass-igloo accommodation for the chance to view the northern lights from the comfort of your own bed! The modern-style igloos are built with glass-domed roofs so you can sleep under the starry sky. Heated to 21 degrees Celsius, you are assured of a snug stay.


Top & Above: Photo Credit - Tony Dormer

(read more about his Northern Lights Experiences below)


On Collette’s seven day Northern Lights of Finland tour, you also experience a stay in a Finnish log cabin, complete with your very own fi replace and private sauna. Saunas are an important part of life in Finland, perhaps the perfect way to relax after you’ve been out enjoying the crisp, fresh winter air. This tour has departures from October through to April each year.

To truly immerse yourself in the magic of the surrounding woodland, you have the option to partake in any number of adventurous winter activities. Mush your very own team of huskies on an exhilarating sledding trip through the forest, snowmobile your way over the glistening, snow-blanketed hills, or take a relaxing reindeer sleigh ride under the cover of blankets while sipping on warm berry juice.

For further details on these unique and memorable adventures contact itravel The Junction ph 4962 1116 or itravel Warners Bay ph 4947 1116. Book your Northern Lights tour with itravel this month and save $200pp off the tour price!


itravel clients Tony and Cheryl Dormer have travelled to see the Northern Lights many times. We asked Tony about his experiences:

How many times have you seen the Northern Lights and what keeps taking you back? My wife Cheryl and I have both seen the Northern Lights on numerous occasions; I believe my current “Northern Lights” count is 24 evenings. The “Northern Lights” are just simply “magical”. They are just so unpredictable, you can be standing there, with nothing happening and within minutes the whole sky can erupt into this magical light show.

Where have you viewed them from, and which was your favourite place? I have viewed the Northern Lights in various locations in Finland, Norway and Alaska. I’m not sure which would be my favourite location; they are all very special and beautiful.

How cold is it? And how do you keep warm while waiting? It does get very cold due to the clear skies; -10c to -30c degrees. I have stood out on frozen lakes and rivers in -35C watching this amazing light show, you just don’t feel the cold when the show is on! Most tour companies’ supply extreme cold weather clothing, and there is always the van close by to go back to and warm up while waiting for the Northern Lights to appear.

Do you need special camera equipment to capture the phenomenon? It is certainly best to use a good quality digital camera with a good tripod that is capable of taking a long exposure image, 10 to 30 x second exposure is normal when taking the Northern Lights. For your interest I use a Nikon D750 digital camera fi tted with a wide angle 14-24mm, 2.8f Nikon lens and a good quality tripod.

To read more detailed responses from Tony and see some of his amazing photo’s go to:

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