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WHO’S WINNING YOUR TIME ...Family or the Job?

Figuring out how to balance a demanding career and a commitment to family represents a difficult if not impossible balancing act for almost every small business owner. Prioritising family rather than the ‘job’ is on a lot of wishlists, but it often doesn’t seem achievable.

Barack Obama was renowned for his commitment to his family, making it clear that he would tuck his kids in every night and that he would never miss a parent-teacher night.

“Being president is an around-the-clock job, but he’s chosen to have a second one as a father,” said a former White House aide who saw the Obama family dynamic up close. “When he does have time, he wants to spend it with his kids, with the first lady.”

So, if the former president of the United States can manage the elusive work/life balance, surely small business owners can too. The answer to how he achieved this is simple; he had a multitude of advisers and coaches who helped him to be a success, to delegate and to buy him the time he needed to achieve his personal goals as well as his professional goals.

Many small business owners can’t afford the investment of a business coach but, not getting any help is one of the key reasons many businesses fail. There isn’t a successful person out there who has done it all by themselves, but unfortunately, the statistics for small business owners are scary. 39.3% of small business owners said in a recent survey that they don’t feel they have any trusted advisers.

Taking a different approach to the traditional business coach model is what’s needed and what a group of market disrupters have created. They promise to inject the momentum back into your business (if it’s needed), give you time back with your family and increase your profits all through becoming a virtual business coach for small businesses.

Not only do they take you through the theory but they help you apply this to your business with the help of a workbook and a Q&A forum which will show you how the pieces connect, where you’re going wrong and what you need to do to fix your business.

Will it buy you more time before the next school holidays? There’s only one way to find out.


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