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HOME provides inspiration for Baby Animals front woman

When Suze DeMarchi returned to Australia after a stellar 20-year stint filling sales chats and playing arenas throughout the world, she knew she’d come “home”. As the front lady for the Baby Animals, DeMarchi enjoyed unrivalled international success but the lure of her homeland ultimately proved too strong. The Western Australia-raised artist returned with her family in 2009 for a homecoming that was tempered by mixed emotions. DeMarchi has tapped into this well to create a rare solo project, a tribute to home.

On Home, DeMarchi teams with some of Australia’s leading rockers, from Jimmy Barnes to Tex Perkins, Russell Morris, Diesel and labelmate Dallas Frasca, covering works made famous by the likes of Adele, Ryan Adams, Stevie Ray Vaughan and The Clash. And there’s one common theme binding all the tracks...home.

“Home meant so much to me when I was away and it was a really tough time when I came back,” she recalls. “For me, it’s your safe place. It was crucial for me to get home to Australia and to get my kids feeling good and happy, and for me to start working again properly. The subject matter is really important to me. Home means everything to me. It always really has. Wherever I’ve lived, I’ve always made it my home and my most important place.”

The terrible time she describes can be ascribed to the breakup of her marriage after 18 years, a break that occurred not long after that long haul Down Under. Friends, family, bandmates and home helped heal the wounds. On the album “Home”, DeMarchi captures this joy and pain. In a parallel to her own journey, DeMarchi has changed direction with this new album.

Home is unlike any album DeMarchi has recorded before, both in its sound and in the way she’s set about shaping it. She’s embraced an alt-country-hued sound with a team of unfamiliar collaborators. Drummer Mick Skelton is the only other Baby Animal on this record. It’s unmistakably Suze DeMarchi, though caught in a different light.

Whatever I do, I want people to hear it. I don’t want people to not hear it. My dreams are my ambitions, to keep doing stuff that keeps me happy. And for as many people as possible to hear it.

“It wasn’t right for the Baby Animals to do this. Sure, the thought crossed my mind but Baby Animals fans want to hear a Baby Animals record, not a bunch of softer songs. And I wanted to do it on my own. It was a challenge, to work with new people. Working with new people is excellent for you as an artist. It pushes you creatively. You’re always trying to do your best around new people. You don’t want to let anyone down.”

DeMarchi has been hitting the road throughout 2015 with Baby Animals for the “She, Who Rocks” national tour. “The Baby Animals stuff is like riding a bike: you know what you’re supposed to do, you’ve done it so often,” DeMarchi muses. “This is another thing altogether. I’m thrilled with how the album sounds and the band is up for it.”

Though she’s enjoyed the glory and success of a high profile inernational rock ‘n’ roll career, DeMarchi has so much more to achieve. “I’m a dreamer, I want big dreams” she says with a laugh. Intouch readers can catch Suze in September when she performs solo at Lizotte’s Newcastle on Friday October 2nd, and fronting the Baby Animals at Live at the Foreshore in November. For tickets to her solo show at Lizotte’s visit

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