• Melinda Murray - Psm Publicity

Opinion - Shhh Karen!

Normally, this would be a column about the local music scene. But as the pandemic drags on, things become more difficult for the locals who work in the entertainment industry. When it first began, and the music and theatre scene was decimated for the good of public health, we all understood it. At the time all the best minds seemed to think that if we all just did the right thing, we could get things under control and be back to life as usual in a couple of months. That slowly turned into “we might need to tough it out until September.” Now as September is fast approaching, that deadline seems to be disappearing into the distance.

We have all done our bit, and the industry was happy to help. After all, when there is a significant national crisis, it’s the artists that everyone turns to for help raising money and awareness. Just as we went to print last month, the government finally addressed the arts for the very first time. Four months in. Sadly, it missed the mark in so many ways, but people in the industry also understand that there is not an unlimited supply of money, and a government program can not address every issue.