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Save Money and Time with a Professional Designer

Many people are intimidated by the idea of hiring an Interior Designer or think that it’s a ‘luxury’ investment. However, the reality is that hiring a professional may be one of the smartest decisions you can make. By utilising the skills of a trained professional, you can save yourself two of life’s most sought after commodities: time and money. It might seem counter-intuitive that you would save money when having to pay the additional design fee, but the truth is that hiring a designer can help you avoid costly mistakes. Here are the five biggest mistakes that Interior Designers can help you avoid:

1. Diving in head-first without a plan – Have you ever bought a piece of furniture that you absolutely loved the look of in the store, only to realise that it’s too big (or small) once you got it home? Ever painted numerous swatches trying to find the ideal colour? A designer has a trained eye that can help create a cohesive space. While you don’t have to go overboard and have everything completely matching, everything must make sense together. Interior designers are trained to know what will work and can provide you with the confidence that your entire home will be carefully considered and beautifully curated.