• Claire Bradshaw

Something for Everyone at Wallsend

History, community, family. These are some of the key elements underpinning Wallsend, a flourishing, family friendly urban community located 11km from Newcastle’s CBD. To start with the history: in an area originally called Barrahinebin by its Aboriginal custodians, Wallsend was established after the Newcastle-Wallsend Coal Company’s first mine was opened in 1860. The suburb actually began as two towns, Wallsend and Plattsburg. Wallsend was the more developed of the two, quickly growing as commercial buildings and shops were established to service the needs of miners arriving from Scotland, England and Wales. By 1880, a wide array of business could be found in the town: general stores, butchers, bakeries, hotels, blacksmiths, bootmakers, tailors, newsagents, chemists, tobacconists, undertakers, builders, insurance agents, a cordial factory and a newspaper.

In 1874, Wallsend was proclaimed a separate municipality, and the first Council was formed with James Fletcher elected Mayor. In 1915, the amalgamation of Plattsburg and Wallsend Councils led to the area we know today becoming Wallsend Municipal Council. Finally, in 1938, Wallsend joined Newcastle City Council and is now part of the Newcastle LGA. (For those interested in Wallsend’s rich history, we recommend taking the Historic Wallsend Town Centre Walk – find more info at wallsendtown.com.au/community)