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Making the Most Out of Your Gym Experience

Last month Janai touched base on New Year’s resolutions and group fitness. How is this going? Have you "bitten the bullet" and made your way to the gym? If your answer is no, ask yourself why this is? Maybe it’s too daunting, or maybe it is work or family commitments. Yes, they take up time and are important to you, but what about your goals and dreams? Please, take the time to nurture you!

The first step is always the hardest to make. Come on; you got this! Take the time to look after yourself - emotionally, spiritually and physically.

If your answer was yes, this is amazing! Now ask yourself if what you’re doing is helping you to reach your goals. Do you need to step it up a little, or do you need to change it up??

Too many people train harder, not smarter. Change is the key. Break your goal down into smaller goals that are manageable. Be kind to yourself mentally; you are already creating a new life pattern.

If you have just joined Planet Fitness, you are eligible for a free 30 min orientation session with one of our Personal Trainers who can show you how to use some of our equipment and touch base on training styles and potentially the change you may be needing to reach your goals.

If you joined with a Platinum membership, you can bring along a friend. We all know that a training buddy is a great way to stay accountable and pushes you to jump out of bed in the morning when sometimes you might prefer just to pull the covers over your head. They are that person who you know helps push you a little more to reach your goals.

As a Platinum member, you can also participate in a variety of our group fitness classes within all Planet Fitness facilities. These classes are perfect and will help change up your training routine.

This membership also gives you access to our Spa facility, which will help you relax and recharge on our massage bed or in one of our massage chairs after your training session, and you may even want to book a time slot to experience our fantastic infra-red sauna to chill and unwind from the daily noise. Don’t stress if you did not join on the Platinum membership, Fast track members can also participate in our group fitness class at a small charge per class, and if you really love them, you can always upgrade your membership to the Platinum.

If you would prefer to utilise our Personal Trainers, we can book you in to see one of them too, and you can access the first 3 x 30 mins sessions at a discounted rate.

This brings me to one of the BIG questions, to use a Personal Trainer (PT) or participate in the group fitness classes??

It all depends on what challenges you the most within your training sessions. You could shake it up, do both or even register for our Bootcamps - you never know till you try it.

Personally, I absolutely love group fitness training. For me, it is the energy of everyone in the room. It becomes infectious and exciting, and this makes me want to push a little harder in the group environment.

But if you are looking for a more specific program, have injuries or health concerns you are worried about, you may want to look at our Personal Trainers.

They can tailor a program with your specific goals and/or limitations in mind. We also have an Exercise Physiologist if your medical practitioner has expressed this is best for you to start your fitness journey. Are you training smarter not harder? Take the time to look after you – emotionally, spiritually and physically – you deserve it!

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