• Chloe O'Sullivan

The Ethical Line

I was surprised to learn when the Kid started school that there was no ethics-based option when scripture class is on. The kids who didn't do scripture had free time. My amazing mum looked into it and found Primary Ethics which is a program that can run in any school as an alternate option to scripture. The ethics teachers need to be trained through Primary Ethics, which is done at no cost and the teaching of the class is then a volunteer position.


We already put a lot of pressure on teachers, and my mum has always been one not to complain about something unless you are willing to jump in and help. Thankfully our school was on board. Since then, my mum, my best friend, and I have all done the training and are doing what we can to be part of the solution and are teaching Ethics Classes on a regular basis.

Mum always raised me to be ethical in a broader sense of the word than the day-to-day right and wrong. From a young age, we had talked about things like ethical purchasing and that where you spend your money and where it ends up is an important part of the chain. It matters, of course, that you do the right thing, but it also matters that you are not unknowingly funding things that don't fit within your ethical standards. Given ethics are not a black and white concept, this is a line everyone needs to draw for themselves.

We have become a much more global society, and given that big corporations control so much of the marketplace, it becomes borderline impossible to make sure that every arm of a company you are