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Newcastle Northstars Look to Ice Over Rivals in Fiery Home Opener

Newcastle North Stars

As the 2024 Australian Ice Hockey League season gears up, the Newcastle Northstars are primed and ready for their home opener on 6 April against Canberra Brave.


After four seasons with the CBR Brave, Wehebe Darge transferred to the Northstars for the 2023 season.

“I love a hard game and look forward to playing against Canberra. I don't know if there's anyone I don't look forward to playing against, but yeah, there are especially a few teams; Canberra is one of them that I always look forward to,” said Northstars forward Wehebe Darge.

“I think we need a little more composure on the ice, especially on the bench, which will be important for us this year. We've discussed that to death in the locker room and meetings. So that's going to reflect on game days.

“The structure in our game is massive for us this year. I think that our depth is better than most teams in the league. If we can play with structure and succumb to fewer goals, then that formula should see us be very successful.”

Following their preseason games in March, Northstars forward Francis Drolet said, “There are positive things that come out of those games, but there's also a lot of negative. It's good to see it right at the beginning, so we can work on it right away and work on our D zone coverage with a few practices before the season.”

“It’s always good to have that reminder that games will never be perfect right away. Now, we can focus and improve our patience and structure moving forward. If we can play 60 minutes of hockey, we have a greater chance of winning the game,” he added.

This month, the Sydney Ice Dogs will travel up on Sundays, 14 and 28 April, and Adelaide Adrenaline will be in Newcastle on 21 April, so some great home games are on the horizon.

You can purchase tickets at, but get in fast, as games are selling out!


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