• Tanya Obreza

March Horoscopes



So many areas of your life have been left simmering, with your career also in the melting pot. Take heart. This next year encourages physical, mental and spiritual renewal – this time, with you as an active contributor. Many outworn habits and attitudes have to go, including things and people. For some new work unfolds, while others finally enjoy the pleasures of requited love. And when you’re feeling this vibrant, it stands to reason that your sexual magnetism is at its full strength. Embrace life, and it will love you back. Everyone is so happy that you’re back, Pisces.


Aries March 21 – 20 April

Early March may not be your best time. If putting on an act gets you by, fine – but if your dilemma is desperate, tell it like it is. Besides, not everyone is playing fair. Call it manipulation or coercion – a certain someone knows which strings to pull. The upside? It’s your birthday soon, so when Venus offers extra time for play later in the month, slip into party-mode. At the same time, the Sun generously boosts finances.

Taurus 21 April – 20 May