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How Bees Are Helping Treat Arthritis

A naturally derived ingredient is helping to relieve symptoms of one of Australia’s most debilitating diseases… and how future clinical trials mean even more potentially life-changing outcomes.


Abexol, the only beeswax alcohols-based product registered by the TGA in Australia to treat mild arthritis and osteoarthritis (OA), is giving people the opportunity to volunteer to register their interest in future clinical trials.

Beeswax alcohols are derived from beeswax, which has been used for its many benefits as both a food source and in medicinal products for centuries across Africa, East Asia and South America. Abexol works by inhibiting the activity of two key enzymes, cyclooxygenase (COX) and lipoxygenase (LOX), which are often responsible for pain and inflammation of the joints.

But the benefits of taking Abexol don't end there. Abexol is also used to support stomach health and was actually first studied as a treatment for mild gastric complaints. However, researchers soon found that people taking Abexol with concurrent joint complaints repeatedly reported a marked decrease in those symptoms as well. Hence, clinical studies focused on Abexol and its effects on arthritis symptoms. These confirmed that Abexol had marked anti-inflammatory and chondroprotective (cartilage protective) effects and was effective in alleviating the symptoms of osteoarthritis, including joint pain and stiffness, and in improving joint mobility.

Now, Raydel (the manufacturers of Abexol) is looking to do further research into the benefits of Abexol and its active ingredient, beeswax alcohols.

"Our planned research aims to provide thousands of individuals with the chance to alleviate their pain and stiffness related to mild osteoarthritis," said Sarah Munnik, spokesperson for Raydel. Current osteoarthritis treatment guidelines include oral NSAIDs at the lowest dose and shortest duration possible. However, these medicines (particularly when misused) can increase the risk of bleeding, kidney complications, stomach upsets, ulcers, hypertension and stroke. Other complementary treatments for osteoarthritis available in Australia frequently report gastrointestinal side effects and are not well tolerated by some people, making Abexol a pleasant alternative.

People suffering from either osteoarthritis or gastrointestinal issues (or both) can register for updates regarding further clinical developments on Abexol at


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