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Did You Know? Safari Planning with an Expert Doesn't Cost any Extra!

A safari is one of the best eyeopening, rewarding, inspirational and refreshing vacations you can take, but planning the perfect safari experience can be challenging.


There is no 'one safari fits all', and there are so many nuances to Southern Africa and East Africa that can affect safari planning and safari success; the weather, the migratory patterns of species, the placing of lodges, natural events, and that's before we even begin to mention the logistics on the ground. Safari camps in Africa range from $300 to over $3,000 per person per night, and there is a vast difference in the activities on offer.

Take advice from well-worn safari professionals, people who have lived the safari life and are well-versed in planning and managing safaris. Somebody who can share vital tips when planning for an African safari and, of course, the best way to do a safari and create a seamless safari itinerary while maximising all the major attractions you'd expect in Africa.

Having a real-life person to talk to and to walk you through each step is a great comfort and exciting part of the process. And that's where Safari Guru comes in!


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