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  • Alex Huszti

Dental Veneers - In the Name of Beauty...

Yes, I agree. What is the point of having a dental intervention if it doesn’t enhance cosmetics? This is how dental veneers are understood, interpreted and sold.


When I did a deep-dive into the concept of direct resin composite veneers about 22 years ago, this was also my headspace around veneers. I expected that the prime candidates for my veneers would be women in the 30-to-45-year age group, but do you know who I attracted? 50-to-75-year-old men.

There is nothing wrong with older men; in fact, I fall into this category – so let me share with you my experiences:

1. We are so used to seeing men (especially in this age group) with worn teeth. In fact, frequently, they don’t even show any teeth when smiling. Being male, this was pointed out to me by one of my female practice managers. She nudged me after a 60-something-year-old walked out of my practice after having had his top front teeth veneered. She pulled me aside and said, “That guy looks ten years younger with his new teeth.” We guys don’t notice these things – women notice everything!

2. Veneers are traditionally sold as a cosmetic enhancement. At Belledental, veneers are frequently provided to patients with moderate to severe functional wear, even heavily filled teeth. They are primarily a restorative instrument - not a cosmetic one. Sure, it is about improving appearances, however, I’ve found that by generating ideal function, the ‘cosmetics’ simply arrive and are in character with the patient!

3. Unlike women who frequently submit to gruelling treatments in the name of beauty, men don’t want to be cut. Removing tooth structure is removing a part of them. Often, the men who visit my practice do so because they seek an additive technique to solve their dental problems. They want to become more – not less.

4. Men don’t have time for day spas. Likewise, if it is avoidable, they get what needs to be done and then get on with it. So, one-day smile transformation programs suit them to a tee!

A note to the women reading this: Like my Practice Manager all those years ago – if you think your man needs a nudge, send him to Belledental!


intouch contributor DR ALEX HUSZTI BelleDental

Alex has had a career focused on low-biologic cost reconstructive cosmetic dental care –

common sense teeth for life.


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