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Thinking of Adopting? Check Out Our Pets of the Month

Meet sweet Sooty! She was an outdoor cat but has adjusted well to being indoors. She loves her scratching pole, lolling in the sun, and surveying the world from the top of the cat tree. She is toilet trained and happily living with a (de-sexed male)

cat and a dog. Sooty allows our older cat to groom her and is not shy about maintaining her position on the cat bed or my lap when challenged by either of the other animals. Sooty is a lovely and affectionate cat with gorgeously soft fur which lends itself to endless pats and head butts.


Snuggle up on the couch next to Nala. Nala is a people-friendly girl who enjoys sitting beside you on the sofa and snoozing. When the nap is over, Nala walks on the lead and enjoys playing in the yard. She knows recall to her name, sit and wait and is food motivated. She would thrive in a calm household with somebody she loves at home often. She prefers the company of people (men especially) and would be suitable as an only dog—no cats or pocket pets in the household. Nala has met children and would prefer the company of older children over 14 years.


Please contact Dog Rescue Newcastle if you’re interested in adopting either Nala or Sooty -


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