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  • Alex Huszti

Best Cheats of 2023 (Part 1)

You may have noticed that we are in challenging times, with an emphasis on time. In fact, we’re all looking to save time, so with this in mind, I’ve compiled the best dental cheats that can save you time and save your teeth.


The bacteria in dental plaque process carbohydrates to produce energy, giving off acids. These acids dissolve teeth and produce dental decay. If you have intense energy requirements, eliminating carbohydrates from your diet is not an option.

What are realistic options?

1) Compartmentalize your eating. If you have a high energy need for your work, consume your meals (even if it is a full pack of timtams!) such that you have a window of 3-4 hours between meals. Feed the dental plaque less frequently, and you reduce the damage from acid attacks.

2) Drink water or make your own drinks for work. All of the commercially available flavoured drinks are full of sugar and acids. These drinks effectively fuel work; however, they effectively fuel decay and dental erosion. When I say soft drinks, I mean: cordials, fruit juices, fizzy drinks of any sort (including fizzy water and all sugar-free drinks), kombucha and iced teas. There are two alternatives to help reduce damage:

a. Make your own iced tea and if you wish to sweeten it, use an artificial sweetener such as xylitol (xylitol actually reduces the bacterial plaque’s ability to create acids!).

b. Consume your soft drink with your meal. Then consume only water between meals. Tea and coffee without sugar are also OK.

3) Keep your consumption between meals as pristine as you can. Water or your own drinks that you know have no sugar or acidic preservatives. Zero-alcohol beer is also OK to drink – I know many would have mixed feelings about this!

4) Consider using a re-mineralizing chewing gum such as recaldent twice a day between meals.

5) Socially drink either beer or wine – both are teeth-friendly.

Remember – no amount of home care and cleaning can make up for errors in diet (this is the same if you wish to lose weight – you must focus on both diet and exercise).

In part 2 of best cheats for 2023, I’ll be talking about cheating on home care – so don’t miss the April issue!


intouch contributor DR ALEX HUSZTI BelleDental

Alex has had a career focused on low-biologic cost reconstructive cosmetic dental care – common sense teeth for life.


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