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A Troll Free Social Media Network

As Sydney enters its third week of lockdown, experts fear a surge in the number of reports regarding online bullying and abuse similar to what was seen during the beginning of the pandemic. An innovative new social media application, bhapi, promises to offer a safer, happier alternative to the major international networks.


The Australian social media application, set to launch in September, has been designed by tech expert Mick Esber who observed an increase in the posting of offensive and unwanted content during the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

bhapi utilises a combination of advanced AI technology and human moderation to ensure all content posted is compliant with the social media application's “G” rating. The filters utilised detect "toxic content" which has been defined to include any content that allows others to criticize, belittle, bully, and berate others on the platform.

bhapi has been launched to coincide with the Australian Government's tough new legislation that provides the eSafety Commissioner with unprecedented new powers to demand that ISPs immediately act upon reports of cyber bullying.

Previously restricted to social media networks, the eSafety Commissioner will now have the power to remove content from online games, websites, messages and hosting services.

In addition, the legislation refines and reduces the time upon which ISPs must act after being provided a takedown notice. Controversially, civil penalties of up to $111,000 will continue to apply in addition to the power to issue penalty notices to end users who post offending content.

"bhapi is a community-focussed social media platform that rates, classifies and blocks fake, biased, hate, violent and explicit content using best-in-class technology. bhapi delivers easy to use tools for users to manage what they send and receive. It's completely ad free, doesn't sell personal data to third parties and has a 100% commitment to user privacy and security. It's perfect for adults of all ages, teens and kids."

- Mick Esber, Founder


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