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City to complete more than 2,000 metres of new and upgraded footpaths

City of Newcastle has completed a 400-metre section of new footpath in front of Callaghan College Jesmond Senior Campus, and is on track to deliver over two kilometres of new footpath by the end of the financial year.


The $800,000 Jesmond project has replaced previously unpaved sections of nature reserve, making the trip to and from school safer and easier for Callaghan Jesmond’s 700 students.

Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes said the footpath upgrade improves the accessibility and liveability of the city.

“City of Newcastle maintains nearly 1,000 kilometres of footpath across the local government area, which is roughly the distance between Newcastle and Melbourne.

“The City’s annual footpath upgrade and maintenance program will deliver over two kilometres of new paths across Newcastle by the end of this financial year, including a 515-metre footpath on Minmi Road, Maryland, and a 200-metre path on Young Road in Lambton.

“This Janet Street upgrade is a significant project which is going to be great for those at Callaghan College and importantly, many residents in this busy part of Jesmond.”

Deputy Lord Mayor Declan Clausen inspected the works with Callaghan College Principal Roger Macey outside campus today and said these types of works are very beneficial for pedestrians and other road users.

“Our focus is on improving public safety through improved infrastructure such as more pedestrian refuges and crossings particularly in high traffic areas such as school zones,” Cr Clausen said.

“It’s great to see these works now complete at Jesmond and I hope it makes life easier for the students and teachers who walk or ride scooters or skateboards to school every day.”

Principal of Callaghan College Roger Macey said the improvements along Janet Street will make it safer for the broader school community.

“The footpath and pedestrian crossing right in front of the school will no doubt make a difference to everyone who comes to Callaghan College, not just our students and teachers.

“These are significant improvements which will be great for us, and I want to congratulate all City of Newcastle staff involved in getting this project planned and delivered.”

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