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Follow Your Progress For Increased Motivation

There are the scales, which is probably the most straight-forward and most accessible, but there’s a big problem – the scales can lie to you about your progress.

How many times have you stepped on the scale expecting to see dramatic results, only to be disheartened by the number that appears? Well. You’re not alone. That’s why experts and everyday Novocastrians are moving away from the old school method of measurement.

The scales measure everything – every sip of water, every bite of food, your bones, muscles, organs, fat. There’s no way to distinguish what you’re gaining or losing.

Opting for new technology is Katie Shakespeare from New Lambton who is a member of Genesis Health and Fitness and eagerly taking part in the coaching zone 6-week challenge.

“Measuring my true body composition at the start of my program helped me to set my goals which were to lose weight (fat mass) but increase muscle (lean mass). I selected a DEXA Scan at Hunter Imaging Group Cooks Hill on Darby Street. The scan was quick, easy and safe, providing me instantly with an accurate report that I can now access easily on my phone via the HIG patient app. It’s so cool”.

Katie will have a second TBM scan before summer to keep track of her real results and assess if her hard training and diet program is working for her body type.

By measuring your body’s muscle mass, fat mass and bone mineral density, Hunter Imaging group are using the latest technology that allows you to see how your body changes over time even if your weight stays the same. And best of all you can refer yourself.

So what does it involve? TBM is a short scan performed on a DEXA scanner (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry). It is a highly accurate measure of Body Mass Index (BMI).

What will my TBM scan tell me? The report generated from your TBM scan will tell you the following;

  • Where your BMI sits within the normal ranges defined by the World Health Organisation.

  • Body Mass Index (BMI) and Total Body Fat percentage.

  • Fat distribution throughout the body including legs, trunk, android (stomach) and gynoid (waist/hips).

Where can I have my TBM Scan? Hunter Imaging Group provides this service at several branch locations including Adamstown, Cooks Hill, Gateshead, Maitland and Tuggerah.

How can I make an appointment? NO doctor or medical referral is necessary, making an appointment is easy. Simply contact our friendly consultants on the following: TBM Hotline: 4925 5492 TBM Email: For more information please visit

A copy of your results can be provided to any of your medical health care providers.

When it comes to exercise and weight loss, there are plenty of ways to track your progress. Spring Special 2 TBM Scans for $100! Visit

Words: Angela Le Rougetel – Hunter Imaging

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