• Alex Huszti

Planning is KEY to Dental Stability

“Not having a plan is a plan to fail.” We’ve all heard this before – it’s about strategy. Sure, planning doesn’t guarantee success, but at least, a plan identifies the starting point, it identifies possible hurdles, it sets a goal and can help with the order of activity. This is an activity that we engage in with every patient. It can range from being very simple, right up to multiple phased plans. In every instance, the plan embodies the goal.

So, what is the goal? Simple – it is largely set by the expectations of the patient. What’s the most common expectation of patients that I see: “I would like to keep my teeth for life.”

Before we can write a plan, the most important activities we can engage in is a ‘stocktake’ of dental health and a conversation with the patient around their expectations of dental treatment. In my practice, this is the new patient examination. A careful assessment can be made around which teeth are present, inadequate re