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Chamber urges COVID caution to keep businesses open

The Hunter Business Chamber has urged regional businesses and their customers and clients to ensure they are closely observing COVID-19 regulations to help avoid another business shutdown.


Chamber CEO Bob Hawes said a return to lockdown conditions would be crippling for business and the community but being proactive about safety could help avoid the need for further restrictions.

“We are all mindful of what people in Victoria are going through and with small outbreaks occurring in our region, it’s a reminder to not let complacency slip in,” Mr Hawes said.

“There is genuine fragility in the business sector, which has made huge sacrifices to keep the community safe, and we urge people to respect those sacrifices and the excellent efforts many businesses have made to continue operating safely and serving their customers.”

Mr Hawes commended businesses that had opted for additional precautionary measures, such as requesting staff and customers to wear masks, suspending some services or taking steps to restrict the numbers of people gathering within their premises.

“The very least we should all be doing is operating within the government’s public health order rules and restrictions, however if a business independently determines that they need to go further to address a perceived risk, then that action should be supported,” Mr Hawes said.

“There is no playbook for the situation we are in now, so where there is doubt, erring on the side of caution is always sensible.

“Unfortunately, we have seen elsewhere how the maverick actions of a few can undermine the good work and intentions of many, so businesses are to be applauded for taking whatever actions they feel are necessary to minimise risk to their customers and staff.

“Ultimately, the aim is to keep business doors open for the benefit of the of business owners, their staff and the communities who use their products and services.”

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