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Input Sought From Business And Community As Council Puts Spotlight On Morpeth

The spotlight is really on Morpeth right now with feedback being called for on several initiatives to drive visitation to, and enhance the business offering in Morpeth.


The Morpeth Bicentenary Working Group chaired by Mayor Cr Loretta Baker is seeking community input to rank, in order of preference, four shortlisted projects proposed as part of the Morpeth Bicentenary commemoration, which will occur in November 2021.

The Working Group’s shortlist includes a Riverside Shared Pathway including interpretive public art, wayfinding signage and public seating, the sealing and reopening of Steamer Street (which connects Queens Wharf with Morpeth Road) as a shared path along including interpretation of the former railway, sandstone quarry and sandstone culvert, architectural lighting of Morpeth Bridge to transform it at night and a Morpeth Bridge open day that would open the bridge to pedestrians only on the weekend of the bicentenary.

Mayor Baker says, ‘I’m really excited by the progress of the Working Group so far and encourage Morpeth businesses and residents, and the broader Maitland community to have their say by ranking the proposed shortlist of projects. Each of these ideas in their own right are something the community could be proud of and would be fitting to mark this important milestone for Morpeth’.

Council has also launched a Morpeth Business Opportunities survey today, seeking input from residents, business owners and visitors to help inform the creation of a Business Opportunities Prospectus for Morpeth.

This Prospectus will be used to inspire interest and attract investment from business types identified through this community engagement along with previous engagements.

'While Morpeth is already a popular shopping and dining destination within Maitland, there is potential to grow and diversify the business mix, over time, to further increase its appeal to both residents and visitors.

The prospectus will be a key tool for Council, existing business owners, real estate agents as well as other stakeholders to help entice the right sorts of businesses to establish themselves in Morpeth’ said Mayor Baker.

These two surveys along with the draft Destination Management Plan, which is on public exhibition, that identifies Morpeth as a key destination within Maitland, put the spotlight on Morpeth’s bright future. For more information and to take the surveys visit

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