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  • Rowan Cox

ATWEA Ready for Regional Recovery

As our region continues to move into recovery and renewal, the Atwea College team remains focused on providing the right education and training support for our community.

For more than 100 years, Atwea (formerly WEA Hunter) has continuously provided education in good times and in bad, and it is no different in 2020.

As Covid19 took its global hold, our experience told us to move quickly to ensure that, when needed, our community could access an appropriate mix of education and training courses in ways that were safe, practical and appropriate to a changing world.

We know that after times of crisis, people will look to diversify, update and reaffirm their competitiveness within their personal and employment lives. We also know that many look in very different directions and would demand different ways of accessing learning opportunities. What no one could foresee was the length of time that our community would be affected and what that would mean to long term job and education sectors.

Atwea has always been proud of its ability to be responsive, but this pandemic required even greater levels of flexibility. We brought forward a number of projects, skills training courses and learner designed programs that would help reskill and prepare the community for a changing workplace landscape. This included advancing long-awaited online learning options to the suite of educational courses.

With the support of a NSW Government grant, Atwea College was successful in securing a grant through the government’s Training and Services Department of Education under the ACE Relief to combat the effects of the COVID-19 crisis. This grant supports the delivery of accessible online and blended learning platforms specifically for people who have been redeployed, unemployed, low to middle-income adults who were at home or considering future job prospects.

Atwea is open and delivering education and learning options flexibly and safely.

We remain committed to our core business of providing quality face to face education, but we are doing this in keeping with public health regulations in our very popular lifestyle short courses and Alesco Senior College.

Additionally, to assist learners in transitioning to accessible platforms, we have also integrated online education options. The new online platform has been integrated into many Atwea courses, including Diploma and accredited skills training qualifications.

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