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Local Primary School Students are Choosing Courage

Newcastle Grammar School Primary School students have embarked on the year with a new mission: to ‘choose courage’ for a kinder and braver world.

The theme, which is being adopted across Kindergarten to Year 6, is part of the School’s ongoing Positive Education programme, which aims to enhance the social, emotional and physical wellbeing of every student.

Head of Primary, Mrs Alicha Dyer, says the theme of ‘choosing courage’ is based on psychological research that shows children develop resilience and thrive when they understand and can draw on their own personal strength of courage.

But students don’t need to climb a mountain or take on an amazing physical feat to demonstrate courage, she says.

Rather, in dedicated lessons each week as well as throughout other school activities, they are learning how and why they can choose courage in their everyday lives.

“There are many ways that people can choose courage – and it means something different for everybody,” Mrs Dyer says.

“That might mean facing a fear or obstacle, being true to yourself and others, persisting with a challenge, standing up and speaking out for what’s fair, stepping outside your comfort zone or bouncing back after adversity.”

Students will learn about a cycle of courage that starts with believing that they can do something, then learning how, followed by acting on their belief, then inspiring others to choose courage – ultimately leading to a kinder, braver world.

Already, the young NGS students are identifying their own hopes and goals for the year ahead and thinking about how they need to choose courage to achieve them.

They will also explore courageous characters in literature and will survey their parents, teachers and others about times they’ve had to choose courage in their lives.

“Students as young as kindergarten can learn these concepts, and we are already seeing courage on display across the Primary School,” Mrs Dyer says.

“Whether it has been choosing courage to start a new school year, forming new friendships, being a courageous leader or challenging themselves at our recent swimming carnival, we are thrilled to see our students embracing this year’s theme.”

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