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Why Strength and Resistance Training is For Everyone!

Have you ever heard that strength training is just for bulking up and building those big muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger? Well if you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few decades, you’ve probably heard something along those lines.

In an era where we are surrounded by everything health and fitness, whether it be by social media or as part of our lifestyle, if you knew that there was a particular way to exercise that is proven to not only benefit your health but make you feel and look better all at the same time. Would you do it? Well then, if you said yes, it’s time for you to try strength and resistance training. When we think of strength training, our mind immediately jumps to bodybuilding and huge muscles, but that’s not all it’s good for. Getting those big muscles is just one of the many beneficial by-products from this type of exercise.

And what’s important to know is that strength and resistance training is a very significant part of people’s health and has a multitude of benefits to individuals of all ages.

So, how does strength and resistance training help your health? How can it benefit you? Here are some of the oh so many ways it can help.

  1. Let’s start with the obvious one – you get stronger and fitter. Strength training helps preserve and increase your muscle mass, strengthens bones and keeps your joints healthy, while also making day-to-day jobs easier. Also, depending on your style of training, you will begin to see yourself look more toned and stronger. Who wouldn’t want that!

  2. It boosts your metabolism and promotes fat loss. As strength and resistance training increases your heart rate, it results in the use of more calories as energy, thus promoting fat loss. Pair this with your favourite cardio and/or interval training, and you will be definitely burning some calories.

  3. Develops your body mechanics. Your posture, balance and coordination can all be improved during strength and resistance training. Did you know that older people who are involved in either strength or resistance training have a reduced risk of falling?

  4. Mind and energy boost. Any form of exercise will heighten your levels of endorphins. These endorphins will raise energy levels and improve mood. These endorphins also enhance cognitive function keeping you alert and sharp and on your A-game.

  5. Helps the heart. Strength and resistance training while as well as cardio, has the effect of improving blood flow and pressure, keeping the cardiovascular system strong and at a lower risk of heart disease and hypertension.

So, now that you’ve made the decision to incorporate strength and resistance training into your lifestyle; let’s get started on how to add it to your routine.

Obviously, if you have any health issues, be sure to consult your doctor first. But let’s start with the simplest and most cost-effective option. Use what you have! Use your body! Body squats, planks, push-ups, crunches just to list a few. These all rely on your bodyweight as resistance.

Now, if you’re willing to splurge a little, a gym membership is a great way to expand on what you’re already doing. Most gyms have a wide variety of equipment that gives you the ability to target specific muscle groups. Of course, bodybuilders use this to sculpt their bodies, but we can utilise this to target weak links in our bodies such as muscle imbalances or physical attributes. And if you’re scared, don’t be afraid to ask for help!

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on being healthier, happier and living a longer life!

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