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Hunter Imaging Group Launches New HIG Patient Online App

Say goodbye to storing those gigantic envelopes of printed film at home. And while you’re at it, you can also say goodbye to having to take scans with you to doctors, specialists and allied health! Hunter Imaging Group (HIG) patients can now access their scans via the easy-to-use HIG Patient Online App. The app enables the immediate transfer of your scanned images, direct to your phone or preferred device.

“Being part of Sonic Healthcare, we not only have the latest technology and radiology expertise, but we also have highly secured online protection of patient data,” said Angela Le Rougetel, Business Development Manager for HIG.

“The HIG Patient App supports a growing consumer movement of customers wanting a more efficient system of accessing and managing their own health records and scans. The move to digitisation has been driven by customer expectations of a more convenient experience.”