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Hunter Imaging Group Launches New HIG Patient Online App

Say goodbye to storing those gigantic envelopes of printed film at home. And while you’re at it, you can also say goodbye to having to take scans with you to doctors, specialists and allied health! Hunter Imaging Group (HIG) patients can now access their scans via the easy-to-use HIG Patient Online App. The app enables the immediate transfer of your scanned images, direct to your phone or preferred device.

“Being part of Sonic Healthcare, we not only have the latest technology and radiology expertise, but we also have highly secured online protection of patient data,” said Angela Le Rougetel, Business Development Manager for HIG.

“The HIG Patient App supports a growing consumer movement of customers wanting a more efficient system of accessing and managing their own health records and scans. The move to digitisation has been driven by customer expectations of a more convenient experience.”

Hunter Imaging Group’s e-revolution enables customers to access their health scans at the click of a button. So far, they are the only local radiology company providing this technology.

With Australian Healthcare Week (AHW) – the largest healthcare event in Australia coming up on 21 March, “customer experience” and the “digital transformation” of the industry have been touted as megatrends and are high on the agenda.

“With so much innovation and transformation happening at the moment it’s certainly an exciting time to be working in the healthcare space,” said Angela.

“The Australian community has been clear about what it expects from healthcare services today and in the future…. They want better access to mobile digital health services.” - Australia's National Digital Health Strategy

Alongside digital access and customer experience, The Australian Medical Association (AMA) highlights that ‘the production of physical waste as one of the most discussed environmental by-products of health care.’

Global consumers are seeking companies that care about environmental issues. Hunter Imaging Group is one such company leading the way by digitising their scans for customers.

“We’re aware of our corporate responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint. The environmental advantages of becoming a filmless provider is important to us along with, of course, enhancing our customer experience,” said Angela.

“With nine out of 10 Australians concerned about sustainability, we’re proud to be contributing to the solution by reducing our waste and carbon emissions through digitalisation.”

Digital health is emerging to enable a more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable industry. By going digital and supporting the filmless movement the problem of destroying unwanted, old films will be a thing of the past.



On arrival at Hunter Imaging Group, customers are asked if they would like to ‘go digital’ and subscribe to the app. The new HIG Patient Online App means that customers can access and share their scans such as MRIs, CTs, X-Rays and Ultrasounds on-line. HIG Patient is available on the App Store and Google Play. For more information visit:

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