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  • Claire Bradshaw

Meet the Maker - Littlecrow Designs

Slow fashion for the home. That’s the way Georgie Avis, designer and maker at Sydney-based Littlecrow Design, aptly describes her products. From unique cushion covers and cute tote bags to wall hangings in eye-catching prints, all Littlecrow pieces are created with love and designed to tell a story.

At a time where ‘fast’ fashion and homewares are more ubiquitous than ever, with mass-produced, cheaply made pieces flooding big-name retail stores and homes around the country, makers like Georgie really stand out. Littlecrow products are perfect for those searching for that little something special, those who value locally made products, original designs and high-quality production standards. With a focus on authenticity and detail, they’re pieces designed to last. “Along with a thoughtfully made product comes a genuine hope that you will really, really love it! And love it for a long time,” Georgie says on her website.

As well as high-quality standards, creativity and self-expression are two concepts central to the Littlecrow Design brand, and close to Georgie’s heart. “I’ve noticed that people feel a quiet joy when they wear or use their favourite things. It’s confirmed to me how important self-expression is to our everyday wellbeing,” she explains. “It’s why I love designing and making things. It’s true to who I am. It’s also why I take such time and care to make something for my one-of-a-kind customers.”

This is where one of Georgie’s points of difference comes in: her personal connection with her process, her customers and each of the pieces she creates. Her passion adds character and charm to each individual product, transforming everyday homeware like a simple cushion or wall hanging into a unique piece that makes its mark in the home.

Littlecrow Design might have started off several years ago with a focus on quirky, standout cushions, but these days, it’s not only your couches that Georgie’s ready to deck out. As well as individually designed pieces of wall art, you can also sport a signature Littlecrow design on your person in the form of a one-of-a-kind linen tote bag. Durable, practical and gorgeously detailed, these bags are perfect for replacing the plastic. They have a versatile range of uses – including stowing all your market finds of a weekend!

All Littlecrow pieces are handcrafted using quality woven fabrics, eco-friendly inks and special details, like handmade timber buttons and unique cotton, linen and wool trim.

Georgie’s home studio in Sydney’s inner west is where the magic happens from start to finish. After a design is dreamed up, materials are sourced, screen-printed by hand and carefully sewn, with great attention to detail in the finish (just look at those delicately hand-frayed edges).

Every Littlecrow design is part of a small themed collection. Four ranges are currently available, each featuring tones and textures inspired by a different scenic Australian location. The ‘Coorabel’ range draws its inspiration from the comfortable, quintessentially Australian colours of sandstone and scrub, while the moody greys, soft blues and crisp whites of ‘Cape Byron’ pieces are reminiscent of sea and sky. The ‘Coopers Shoot’ theme evokes the richness of the earth, with warm textures and pink-clay highlights, and the ‘Leura’ collection captures the essence and natural beauty of the Blue Mountains and their surrounding landscapes.


Littlecrow Design is a market favourite, with Georgie regularly appearing at our own Olive Tree Market as well as various makers’ markets in Sydney. But for those who can’t catch her in person, you’ll be rewarded for purchasing Littlecrow products online. Each piece is carefully packaged like a little gift, using recycled card, jute twine and unique fabric dilly bags that can be reused. If that’s not the perfect excuse to treat yourself to some new homewares, we don’t know what is!

Keep an eye out for Georgie at upcoming The Olive Tree Market days on May 4th, June 1st and July 13th at Civic Park Newcastle (for more information visit

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