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A Life-Changing Surgery

Have you ever experienced a change so dramatic that it changes your whole outlook on life? Not sure what we mean… well, let us tell you Lisa’s story. Growing up as one of the ‘bigger’ girls, Lisa struggled with her self-confidence and body image throughout her teen years. She even remarks on her breasts as, “not your usual perky, pretty teen bust”.

For Lisa, she knew it was going to take some major changes to be comfortable in her skin and as such embarked on the journey of losing 35 kilograms through diet and exercise.

After changing her habits and finding a healthier lifestyle, there were still remnants of her past life that caused Lisa pain and discomfort on a daily basis. It also meant that there was a time limit on how long Lisa could enjoy her post-workout high before becoming uncomfortable.

“I knew that there was a specific window between when I finished my workout and when I needed to be home, showered, dried and dress to avoid the awful rashes and pain that came with sweat on my skin.”

So, in 2012 Lisa made the decision to visit a plastic surgeon. The initial process was often distressing, as it meant showing a body that Lisa was still yet to be comfortable in. So much so, that after seeing one particular surgeon, Lisa was left deflated and more dismayed than ever.

That is until she took the plunge and visited another surgeon, Dr Moncrieff.

Dr Moncrieff made her feel at ease as soon as they shook hands and reflects that a feeling of calm came over her as she sat in his office. The pair even shared a tear or two in that initial meeting.

Lisa ended up having a tummy tuck and thigh lift to remove the excess skin and tissue. That was seven years ago, and now Lisa is back to have her second surgery.

“I knew all along that this process was going to be a long one,” Lisa shared. “However, it took some time for me to be in a position to be ready for this much-needed breast reduction, reshaping and lift.”

Speaking with Lisa is an emotional process, and you can tell that this surgery means the world to her. Which is why, when Dr Moncrieff told her that he was going to perform the surgery at no out-of-pocket expense for her she was flabbergasted. “Things like this just don’t happen to me!”

“I sat for a good twenty minutes with a goofy smile on my face, making a weird chuckling noise in utter disbelief. I still expect to wake up and have someone tell me I dreamt that meeting.”

Hunter Plastic Surgery is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2019, which is why the team decided to mark the occasion by giving away a plastic surgery procedure for ‘free’.

“Lisa’s story has stayed with me over the years, so when we decided we wanted to gift a surgery to someone, she was top of mind,” Dr Moncrieff said.

“Lisa will have no out-of-pocket costs for this surgery, letting her finally find the complete self-confidence she has been looking for. This saves her over $10,000 on the usual surgery and hospital costs.”

Another supporter of Lisa is her Dad. “He is my rock and my safe place. When I told him what was happening, he was more excited than I was,” Lisa continued.

“People who knew me pre-surgery say I have changed, and I proudly own it. I can honestly attribute the person I am today to Hunter Plastic Surgery and Dr Moncrieff. I wouldn’t be where I am, mentally or physically, without his help.”

Since her first surgery, Lisa has become a vibrant young lady, buying her own home and moving up the corporate ladder at speed. Lisa believes that the first surgery completely changed her outlook on life and that this final surgery really will be the final step in her journey.

But, it’s not only Dr Moncrieff that Lisa has high praise for.

“The entire team are wonderful people. From the moment you walk in you are made to feel welcome and comfortable. Even now, if I see Dr Moncrieff or his team out and about, they will wave and say hello.”

“Hunter Plastic Surgery is five stars in my opinion, and I have no hesitation in recommending them to everyone and anyone that will listen.”

Dr Moncrieff and his team will welcome Lisa back at their practice for surgery in April for her gifted surgery.

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