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The Temporary Nature of a 'Diet'

The connotation behind the word diet bothers me – as it’s simply just a ‘quick fix’. The word diet is often something temporary and is mainly referred to as weight loss. A recent article stated that diet is “a regimen of eating or drinking sparingly to reduce one's weight.” This is the definition almost all of us think of when it comes to the word – a temporary way of living to achieve the desired outcome of weight loss.

Diets actually make you gain weight So the truth about diets: none of them actually work. When it comes to the human body, anything that is temporary in terms of how we eat or move, will obviously only have a temporary result. A lot of studies find that diets are ineffective long term. Ineffective or not, diets are popular because they do work in the short term, and for most people, that is what they want to achieve. It seems people would rather face temporary discomfort and enjoy immediate (but temporary) results, than face the more daunting task of looking at the hard truths of what has actually made them overweight or unhealthy.

Diets appear to work as a result of quick transformations However, the sad truth is that people who diet usually don’t keep the weight off. A study followed a group of individuals for two years after they had participated in various diets, and found that 83% of them had gained more weight back than they had initially lost. This yo-yo effect of weight loss and gain is known as weight cycling. Studies have proven that not only is weight cycling ineffective, but it can also be very harmful to your health in the long term.

Causing problems to your health While most people on diets know they are not tackling the real issue, what many individuals do not know is that dieting may be detrimental to their health. Researchers have found that the process of dieting is more likely to produce cortisol, which ironically not only promotes weight gain but also has several serious health consequences.

Furthermore, diets are especially prevalent in women. Research has shown that women who diet earlier on in their lives are more likely to experience negative health outcomes later in life. A study found that over ten years of monitoring women who dieted early on in their life were more likely to be obese and suffer weight control disorders.

Still, such data is not likely to dissuade the population from participating. People only diet because diets make us feel like we are doing something. People want action plans and how-to manuals for getting fit and thin. We want hard and fast instructions to follow instead of self-evaluation. But in reality, it is only self-evaluation that actually ensures long-lasting lifestyle changes to be made.

Five simple tips for a long-lasting lifestyle change:

  • Drink water

  • Exercise daily

  • Get 7–9 hours of sleep every night

  • Set realistic goals and commit to them

  • Make healthier choices – DON’T DIET

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There is no need for the temporary fix, get yourself to Urth Fitness for the change you will not regret.

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