• Dr Gary Avery | FRACS (Plast Surg) Plastic and

MALE Breast Reduction Surgery

Some men experience overdevelopment of their breast tissue - known medically as gynaecomastia. An estimated 40-60% of men are affected by this condition at various ages, including in newborn boys with a relative excess of maternal oestrogen influencing the breast, at puberty with a hormone imbalance as sex hormone production surges, or later in life with a decrease in testosterone production. Sometimes an identifiable cause can be found including an endocrine system disorder, resulting in a problematic imbalance of the hormones estrogen and testosterone; certain cancers; and metabolic dysfunction including liver disease. Gynaecomastia can also be aggravated by weight gain and drugs such as anabolic steroids and marijuana. Most commonly there is no identifiable reason for the increase in breast tissue in men.