• Kylie Mills | Membership Consultant

Women and Strength Training

How many times have women been deterred from lifting weights or strength training because of the misconception that they will end up “bulky” or “massive”?

There are actually many benefits to women having a strength training routine as part of their exercise schedule. Increasing and maintaining adequate muscle mass is a fantastic way to keep body fat at bay and resistance training is the best way to build muscle mass. So we need to look at the benefits of this style of training and try to break the cardiovascular exercise only stigma that a lot of women have. Weight training is more than just a three times a week Body Pump class, so let’s look at some of the top reasons that women should be walking past the treadmill and hitting the weights floor.

It Makes You Stronger - This has just so many benefits in everyday life whether it be looking after children, household routine or carrying the shopping. And your risk of injury is decreased.