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Australian Made, Comfort And Quality

At insideout, we pride ourselves on the suppliers we use when offering our clients solutions to their furniture needs. Our insideout team are particularly passionate about offering Newcastle the chance to try our Molmic sofas, and our sofa gallery is one of the largest Molmic sofa galleries in NSW. Ethics, comfort and quality are major factors to consider when purchasing a sofa. Molmic has been around for over thirty years and the second generation is adding an exciting edge to the new models being released. Made in Melbourne the time frame for delivery is also shorter than some other brands offer.

Five things to consider when purchasing a new sofa...

Style – Style is personal taste, but a decision based on the actual home and room is necessary to bring a room together and set a theme for the rest of your home. When selecting, be mindful to choose a sofa or seating arrangement based on the look you want to achieve and the purpose of the room. This is very important and asking our insideout teams advice will not only save making expensive mistakes, but you will save money in the long term.

Molmic has beautiful sofas that look like your grandmother had - filled with feathers - newer design sofas made with feather fill and fabric slipcovers that can be washed (yes washed not drycleaned) Check out the Steele Avenue sofa if you love that cosy comfort with a coastal or Hamptons appeal - some are designed with slim arms and legs that fit well with Scandinavian or modern décor. Molmic produces classic designs that you will love for many years. Our favourite is the Alley available in a grande which is 264cm long.

Size and configuration – Placing a sofa that is too large for your room will make the room feel very cramped and placing other pieces of furniture in the room will be difficult.

Molmic has extra long options available which are great for long narrow rooms.

Our team will then suggest suitable single chair options or a smaller sofa to complement the seating arrangements. Team insideout will help you organise the room to encourage conversation and relaxation. The purpose of a room should always be considered before making your choice.

Comfort – Ahhh!!!! This is most important. A feeling is very personal, and our team has many options to help YOU make the final choice. Feather-wrapped, full feather, firm, soft, high, low, extra wide insideout have it covered.

Frame and materials used in the making of the sofa - It is important to note that Molmic manufactures all the frames in-house as this provides for greater quality control and factory efficiencies. They also use a process, which in cabinetry terms is referred to as mortice and tenon, this is a traditional manufacturing technique used to add strength to joints. Hardwood blocks are placed in corners for added strength. With attention to detail and precision, frames will provide you with a quality product that is made to last. All foams have been treated to eliminate odours and dust mites for people suffering from allergies or Asthma. (It also offers lasting protection against mould, mildew, and bacteria for healthier living and is supported by the Asthma Foundation).

Fabric or Leather– If you love the feel of fabric but think leather will be more practical, don’t discount the idea of fabric. Insideout has a large range of fabric choices that are easily cleaned and resistant to stains, bacteria and mould. At insideout, we pride ourselves on our updated knowledge. Knowledge for the leather purists is also helpful when wanting real or leather lookalikes that will last the distance for growing families.

Join us on Instagram for updates on upcoming events and advice. Look out for the grand opening of our Molmic gallery coming up soon. Call in to meet our team - ask questions and stay for coffee or tea while browsing through our showroom. The earlier you start to look, the easier it is to help you plan. Don’t make expensive mistakes, buy only once! Visit www.insideout.com.au for more information.

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