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Bridal Beauty Countdown

Preparation for your wedding starts months and sometimes years in advance and so too should your beauty regime! Makeup artist Diane Grover from Empire Artistries says it’s never to early to begin. “I often advise my clients to start their beauty regime 12 months before the actual wedding,” says Diane. While that’s not possible for all brides, Diane has provided us her glowing brides program, starting 3 months prior to the big day.

THREE MONTHS OUT - Start looking for the perfect tan. The idea is a gentle glow rather than obvious orange. If you don’t already have a regular spray tanner, start testing them out now. A spray tan only lasts 5-7 days so any disasters will be long gone before your wedding day. Ensure your tanner writes down your formula every time you go so once you do find the perfect colour you can feel confident knowing it will be the same for your wedding. A gentler, cheaper and perhaps safer bet might be to use gradual tanning creams at home. Find one you like and stick to it, work out the optimal time and amount of applications you need before your big day.

TWO MONTHS OUT - Ease up on your hair and makeup - try avoiding the hair dryer, straighteners and curling tools for the next couple of months to allow your hair time to repair and gain back some of it’s natural shine and bounce. Backing off on the foundation to allow your skin to breath and decongest is also a good idea, as well as easing up on the mascara to let your lashes strengthen, grow and repair themselves.

ONE MONTH OUT - Try to avoid too much sun exposure to prevent any unsightly tan lines or peeling. If you need to spend a lot of time outdoors, remember the good old ‘slip, slop slap.’ Too much exposure to sun can cause the skin to look hard and leathery in a short space of time.

THREE WEEKS OUT - Have your final cut and colour. This will allow time for blunt cut lines to soften and colour to be shampooed a couple of times to take on a more natural appearance, ensuring there are no tint stains around the hairline.

TWO WEEKS OUT - Grab a buddy and treat yourself to a massage or spa treatment - with so much planning and preparation for the wedding, it can get a little overwhelming so take some well deserved time out for yourself.

ONE WEEK OUT - Have your final wax – this will allow time for the skin to settle down from any redness before the big day, but it won’t be enough time for new hairs to sprout.

THREE DAYS OUT - Have your final tan, you know your preferred colour and product already. Just remember to steer clear of deodorant, perfume and moisturizer to avoid any patches.

ONE DAY OUT - Shampoo and condition your hair and leave it to dry naturally as your hair stylist will use the right products and tools to manipulate it into your wedding style tomorrow. Have your final manicure and pedicure with the perfect colour you have been obsessing over for the past 5 months! Drink plenty of water to plump skin cells and reduce bloating.

THE BIG DAY - Use a mild cleanser with a wash cloth to gently exfoliate the skin, avoid any harsh exfoliants which can make the skin red and sensitive. Follow with a light moisturizing lotion rather than a heavy cream which can cause makeup to look greasy and slide from the face. Apply a lip conditioner to the lips and gently buff off any dead skin with a wash cloth or a soft, dry toothbrush. Check your nails for any last minute touch ups and use a hand and foot cream containing paraffin to smooth the skin. Apply a light body lotion to the exposed skin areas, allowing plenty of time to dry before dress time. Drink water to stay hydrated and ensure your skin is radiant, glowing and flawless. Make sure you take a touch up powder and lipstick with you and a few emergency bobby pins, particularly if you are planning to remove your veil after the ceremony.

Relax and enjoy looking (and feeling) this good! For Diane’s 12 month regime, visit or contact Diane at

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