• Chloe Sullivan | On Tour with the Kid

On Tour With the Kid: Under the Southern Stars

For the kid and I, there is really nothing that compares to the fun of heading to a festival. It’s not even just the draw of the artists on stage. It’s about where we stay; it’s about the loud singing in the car and what other craziness we can fit in around work while we are there. While every trip has its own special charm, this one the stars seemed to align.

Under the Southern Stars, a brand new, family-friendly summer festival was playing in Tuncurry, on the first Saturday in January. The site at Harry Elliot Oval in Tuncurry was only 30 minutes from accommodation I had been itching to stay at for over a year - The Boogie Woogie Beach House at Old Bar.

Given that our own home is music themed, I was keen to see what the owners had done with this gorgeous space as the