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What are the elements of a really beautiful room? Of course, you need great furniture and accessories, and the right lighting and colours. But there's a secret that all good designers know that can really take a space to the next level. It's the one element without which no room is complete... texture.

In the world of fashion, texture brings depth and tactility into everyday items. In an interior application, texture is the perfect compromise between patterned and plain fabrics. Texture provides you with the opportunity to mix and match qualities in a way that creates a beautiful living space.

From plush velvets, metallic details and stonewashed natural fibres to bold embodied details, mixing textures allows you to draw the eye to particular details within a room. Texture is a subtle, pared back way to bring fashion forward, sophisticated style into your home.

“Incorporating timber and textured fabric that have pattern and movement offer a room a tactile influence that makes you want to touch them,” says Catherine Martin, Director at Coastal Colour Curtains & Blinds.

“The Warwick fabric range opens up a world of texture play. Infuse plush velvet, natural fibres and understated metallic flair to bring your space into season and on-trend. Without enough textured elements a space can feel cold and sterile.”

Catherine says that it's all about finding the balance that you like and finding your position on the texture spectrum to create your own unique style.

“We have loads of ideas and inspiration for adding texture to your home. Some of the new sheers fabrics offer a wonderful textured linen look and sitting back with a cuppa watching them blow in the breeze is absolute bliss,” she said.

Coastal Colour Curtains & Blinds carry a wide range of textured sheers as well as blockout fabrics. And you can book an appointment today for a free window furnishing consultation to see how they can help you to create a balanced, beautiful living space in your home. Phone the showroom on 4959 5901.

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