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Refresh Your Interiors With COLOUR

As Spring has sprung, it’s the time of year to inject some refreshing colour into your interiors. Many people are afraid of using too much colour. However, colour does not have to mean multiple colours – it can be a variety of the same tone combined with neutrals. You can still have a sophisticated interior with a colour injection. Deep greens and blues like emeralds and navies are elegant colours, and one we are seeing utilised more and more. These sophisticated tones blend beautifully with neutral tones without being overpowering. Let the colours in your home allow your personality to shine. Experiment with colour, venture into jewel tones or mix finishes, textures and hues – create a tapestry of shades.

There is a limit to the use of the ‘pop’ colour, however. Some people have one colour in mind and then only have that colour around a space in the form of accessories. The feature of it is lost, and visually it all becomes too much, making the room appear smaller. Lovers of red (of which I am myself) and aqua are often guilty of this. You need to bring through varying shades of the same colour. For the red fans, think burnt oranges and deep pinks. Even consider different material types and the way they portray colour. In fabrics, for example, velvets and linen showcase colour differently, with the light hitting velvets revealing variations within its pile, whereas linens have flat finishes, becoming colour blocks. The added layers created by combining these emit character and an ambience in your space, with an air of quality and thought.

We often get asked ‘how do I start?’ If you have the main pieces of furniture, but the space is not feeling finished, it’s the layers you need to add – the finishing touches, the pieces that make it feel like a home. Until they are there, the space will be missing personality. Layering with textures is a great way to inject a breath of fresh air into the interior. A simple addition for spring is a throw on the end of your bed. Using a distinctive textural knit made from a quality cotton yarn not only looks beautiful when placed at the end of the bed but also adds the light layer needed for the warmer Spring nights.

Cushions are an easy one to start with too. Don’t be afraid to ask for help either – not everyone can create working combinations easily. Cushions with different textures and patterns blend well to create depth and interest and don’t be afraid of putting patterns next to each other. Patterns really do like each other! Pattern mixing can be daunting, however as long as you use different scales or a mixture of geometric and abstract patterns, they will sit together well. While some patterns do fight each other, it is usually the scale being the same size which causes the issue.

Rugs are also a great way to play with colour and get a little brave! Think of them as artworks on the ground instead of on your wall. You can customise a rug to bring the colours you want through, or allow the other elements to remain quite neutral. Try utilising different combinations of both colours and materials such as wool, hemp, nettle and silk that add to the textural element of the space both visually and physically underfoot. They aren’t just for living rooms either – under dining tables, and the ends of beds are also common places for them. They bring a space together, removing the distances created between furniture elements which would otherwise be floating independently.

Being bold with your interiors means different things to different people. To some, the pop of colour in a couple of cushions is enough. To others, the patterns, textures and colour combinations illustrate their style. Whatever your level of boldness, have fun with your interior. It’s your home, you live there, and you look at it every day. Make it yours.

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