• Chloe Sullivan

ON TOUR WITH THE KID: Blessed by a life less ordinary

My mum had me, her only child, at 18 and raised me by herself. Despite conventional wisdom of the early 70's, I don't think it ever occurred to her that she couldn't do it on her own. What other people thought was of no concern to her. This fact was the subject of the biggest fight she ever had with her dad, who she loved more that anything in the world.

I was to be a flower girl at the Masonic Lodge Ball. The Mason's were, at least back then, a very conservative group and were a big part of my Pops life. So that no one would question why we all shared the same last name, my grandfather had told the committee that mum kept her maiden name when she got married. Mum was annoyed, firstly, because it was untrue and secondly because her family wasn't something that needed to be explained or excused.