• Michelle Meehan | Features Writer intouch magazine

LAWRIE McKINNA: Passion for Club and Community

Lawrie McKinna always knew he wanted to make his living in football. He remembers being a five-year-old in Scotland, laying out his goals for the sport he loved. Credit: All Video & Photography courtesy Skeye High Photography

“When I was five everybody played football. I started primary school, and I can remember standing out the back of my Gran’s house… and I said to my mum I was going to be a professional footballer, and I was going to play with the Glasgow Rangers, and I was going to earn 100 pounds a week, and I was going to give my mum 95 pound a week board money, and I was going to buy her a Hillman Avenger! That was my dream to be a football player.”

While the aspirations of a five-year-old seldom play out as planned, 50 years after making his bold prediction McKinna is still earning his living from football as the CEO of the Newcastle Jets.