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Preventing Australia’s fastest growing chronic disease.

By the time Easter hits our resolutions are starting to waver and the lure of creamy, chocolate eggs and buttery, hot cross buns provides the perfect excuse to ditch the diet. But the combination of sugar, flour and chocolate that makes Easter such a delicious holiday, packs on the pounds and increases your risk of developing the fastest growing chronic disease in Australia - diabetes type 2.

In fact, it’s the body’s response to the sugars we eat that causes 85% of diabetes cases in Australia.

One Australian every five minutes is diagnosed with diabetes which means for them a higher risk of heart disease and stroke,blindness, kidney failure, limb amputation and death.

Preventing or delaying diabetes type 2 means taking control of your lifestyle specifically:

  • Maintaining a healthy body weigh

  • Being physically active for at least 30 minutes on most days

  • Eating food that is rich in fibre with a minimum of 3 to 5servings of fruit and vegetables a day

  • Reducing simple and especially refined, sugary foods

  • Avoiding smoking

For a lot of us, these common sense approaches to our daily routine which sound so simple are in reality very complicated as we change the eating and movement habits of a lifetime and find non-food based solutions to stress relief and energy.

This is where seeking the advice of a naturopath, dietician and GP can help. Your GP can assess your current health and risks,a dietician can give specific dietary advice and a naturopath can help support you achieve your goals by providing evidence based solutions to stop cravings, manage stress and help you feel fuller for longer.

So this April if you are constantly hungry and more tired tha usual, dashing to the toilet to wee a lot or feeling the need to carry a water bottle to quench your thirst you might be on your way to a diabetes diagnosis - seek help early.

Mayfield Medical Connection 55 Hanbury Street, Mayfield 2304 PH (02) 4968 2157

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