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Explore pathways to a future career you might never have imagined

One of the biggest challenges for teenagers towards the completion of high school is pinpointing exactly what they want to do when they leave school. For some, those plans for the future have been crystal clear since the time they learnt their seven times tables, but for others, the pathway isn’t so sharp.

With many of the 2015 graduating class now attending the first weeks of class at TAFEs, training colleges or universities across the country, there are others that have taken a ‘gap’ year to travel, work and earn money while collecting significant life experience and figuring out ‘what next?’ along the way.

There is also the question of not always knowing what career possibilities are out there. How many people have you spoken to who have said, “if I weren't a banker, teacher, builder or IT manager, I’d be a marine biologist, doctor, tour guide or chef”? Often when questioned further the explanation is one version or another of not really knowing all of the options available, or how to go about gaining the right skills for the job.

It is said that Generation Y will have, on average, five different careers over their working life. With so many possibilities out there, finding a starting point on your pathway to a career is one of the most important steps for young people to take. Often it will only be after trying a few different hats on through work experience, short courses, school holiday workshops, or even the first year of a postsecondary education course that the path will become clear.

In 2016, the NSW Government has launched a range of fee-free* courses that are designed to provide young people with an opportunity to try out one or more courses before committing to a full qualification, or develop skills to help them progress in their current jobs.

The short courses are based on full TAFE qualifications and cover skills that have been identified as priority areas for employers and industry right across the country. Fee free courses are fully subsidised, providing students meet the eligibility criteria, and the enrolment fee is also waived.

Students who complete a fee-free course at Hunter TAFE will receive a Statement of Attainment certificate detailing the nationally recognised competencies and skills achieved. You can then use your new skills to advance your career, join a new workplace or return to Hunter TAFE to do a full qualification and gain credit for the units you have already completed.

Here in the Hunter region, Hunter TAFE is offering more than 100 fee-free courses in a range of career areas from recruitment, sports coaching and accounts administration to maritime and marine, hair, and beauty, digital and audio editing, commercial cookery, and many more in-between. With a choice like this, there is sure to be something to suit everyone. Fee-free courses will be offered throughout the year with many commencing soon or as classes fill up.

Whether you are a recent graduate contemplating your future or an experienced professional looking to gain some new skills, the fee-free courses offer a unique opportunity to take up a new challenge and try out a future career area or skill set. With the fully subsidised training available to most NSW residents older than 15 years of age, there has never been a better time to get started.

If you are ready to take the plunge and enrol in a full qualification at Hunter TAFE, there are more than 450 courses on offer in 17 different career areas. With the huge range of options available for people who are looking to pursue further education but are after a more practical, hands-on experience that provides training that is relevant to the modern workplace.

Let 2016 be the year that you explore your career interests via the fee-free courses available at your local Hunter TAFE Campus.

*This training is fully subsidised by the NSW Government. You must meet eligibility criteria for training subsidised by the NSW Government. Fee-free courses are based on qualifications listed on the 2016 NSW Skills List and have been developed to provide employment outcomes or lead to further study.

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