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In its simplest form, Neuromuscular Therapy is a modern, logical system of massage therapy that is based on understanding how the neuromuscular system functions. The nervous system controls everything in the body, including muscle tension and pain and neuromuscular principles help the practitioner to understand what is causing the patients pain- trigger points, posture, and how to treat it.

Neuromuscular Therapy (also called trigger point myotherapy), is the most effective type of massage therapy for lower back pain, and involves the very detailed massage of muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue. Precise massage therapy releases problem areas that are often missed by other forms of massage.

As well as being the most established remedial clinic in the area with a long history of providing effective diagnosis and treatment programs for sports and workplace injuries, Charlestown Remedial Sports Injuries Clinic has a particular focus on Neuromuscular Therapy and nutrition and the skill set of the therapists puts them at a distinct advantage over many other treating physicians and health professionals.

The clinic which is located in Smith Street, Charlestown, also specialises in Cryotherapy - the therapeutic use of cold treatments to promote faster healing time, naturopathy, myotherapy (or muscle therapy), Myotrophy (the nutrition of muscle) and Kinesiology.

After a lifetime of experience working in the sports recreation industry, Phillip Muller started his clinic in Charlestown after recognising a need for a more specialised treatment based on neuromuscular treatment using a combination of deep tissue and soft tissue work (with no manipulation) for injuries that include sprains, strains, torn ligaments, whiplash and other neck injuries, back pain and also back injuries.

Since opening the doors to his practice more than 30 years ago, Phillip has treated well over 15,000 people for a wide range of conditions that include sports injuries, motor vehicle accident injuries and work related injuries. In that time he has built a very successful clinic based around integrity and honesty. As a result his business is built on word of mouth and referrals with many leading surgeons referring their patients to his clinic for treatment.

For Phillip, who is a qualified neuromuscular therapist, herbalist, acupuncturist and nutritionist, much of his treatment focusses on neuromuscular therapy combined with addressing nutritional imbalances and deficiencies o correct underlying conditions.

"I find that most of my patients are deficient in magnesium andiodine. As a result we use ancient magnesium oil in all our treatments to assist in the relaxation of muscles and reducing joint damage" says Phillip.

"We also recommend using pure iodine when we recognise symptoms of deficiency. The health benefits of iodine should not be underestimated, as it plays a critical role in the normal functioning of the thyroid gland", explains Phillip.

"A deficiency in iodine can have serious effects on the body that include frustration, depression, poor perception levels, abnormal weight gain, constipation and fatigue. Iodine also plays an important role in maintaining optimal energy levels of the body".

Many of the patients Phillip and his colleague Sarah treat at the clinic have tried every other form of treatment with little or no success, and there is no shortage of people who are prepared to refer both Phillip and Sarah and talk about the successful treatment they have experienced at their hands.

One such person is Nick, who lives and works in Sydney but regularly travelled to Newcastle to receive treatment on his chronic back problem as a result of having two bulging discs. The result being that Nick was barely able to walk and no amount of physiotherapy and acupuncture seemed to help.

"Phil not only got me back to 100%, he also explained what the problem was with my back and put together a long-term treatment plan to ensure my back never got that bad again.

"They give you the treatment, and also arm you with the information (nutritional advice and exercises to do at home) to help you treat the injury yourself.

"There is also no constant pressure to make regular appointments like I have experienced with other physios" said Nick.

Charlestown Remedial Sports Injuries Clinic is also the distributor for KT Tape Australia, New Zealand and Fiji and Phillip uses this revolutionary sports medicine solution for providing pain relief, stability and support as well as treating and preventing common sports injuries without sacrificing comfort or freedom of movement.

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