• intouch magazine | #08

Reaching out for Thalia

The 29th of August 2015 began as a typical day but turned into the stuff of nightmares for the Standley family from Lake Macquarie. While playing at a friend’s house, a savage attack by a neighbour's dog ended with their beautiful daughter Thalia, who only days before had celebrated her 8th birthday, losing her right arm. (PICTURED: The Standley family, photo by Tim Bradshaw.)

It was a traumatic event and shocked not only friends and first responders who were there and witnessed the aftermath but anyone hearing the story for the first time. It is any parent's worst fear that something like this would happen to their child. However, it is when the worst of things happen, that can bring out the best in those around you and the local community have come out in force to gather around this strong, resilient little girl and her family.