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Fans are an inexpensive way of cooling a room, right? Technically yes – and no. They cost less to run; however, they don’t actually cool the air – they simply move it around the room. The faster the air moves over your skin, the more it works to evaporate sweat, which is the mechanism your body uses to cool itself.

Although they won’t turn a sauna into a fridge within minutes, ceiling fans will help save on the electricity bill. In fact, most ceiling fans use approximately 25 to 90 watts of energy, whereas central air conditioners can use as much as 2500 to 3500 watts. Many newer models come with a remote control to help adjust the speed in the same way you’d control the air con.


Air conditioners might burn through your power bill, but they’re remarkably effective at cooling the home. While ceiling fans work to lower body temperature, air conditioners actually affect the temperature of the room.

With air-conditioning, you’ll get a quick lift of warmth on a cold day or a welcome arctic blast in the middle of summer; however, these perks come at a cost. Apart from drawing power, air conditioners need regular maintenance to ensure they continue to run effectively without recirculating harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and dust particles throughout your home.

Ever noticed your skin drying out in an air-conditioned environment? That’s not surprising – as the air is cooling, its moisture levels decrease. In a country that is often humid this can be beneficial to a point, but extended periods in a dry environment (especially while sleeping) can cause physical discomfort.


So we know that air conditioners are all-stars when it comes to dropping temperatures fast, and ceiling fans are exceptional at cooling our bodies naturally without breaking the budget. Can they work together? Quite effectively, it seems.

These days it’s quite common for homes to have both air-conditioning units and ceiling fans, as the two work well in tandem by dropping the initial temperature of a room, and then circulating that colder air.

Neither needs to be run as cold or as fast, and once the temperature of your home has dropped, switch off the air con and leave the work to the ceiling fans.

Our Australian climate can be irregular and unruly at times, but there’s no denying it gets warm. Whether you choose to cool your home with ceiling fans, air-conditioning or both, what’s important is that it makes your living space more comfortable throughout the summer months without breaking the bank.

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