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HEART CONNECTION with the spirit world...

International psychic medium, author, winner of the 2014 People's Choice Award from the International Psychic Association and self-described “ghost whisperer”, Suzie Price connects with her audiences through communicating with spirits.

Suzie has been working as a professional medium for over 15 years. It is said that the psychic messages that come to Suzie for her clients can be quite startling and revealing – surprising people with their accuracy and the specific details they can associate with.

This month we talk to Suzie about her unique skills as a medium, how they came about, what it means and what’s in store for the future.

What is and what does it mean to be a psychic medium?Everything is made up of energy that vibrates at a certain frequency. When our physical body dies, our soul continues to live on and vibrate at a much higher rate than when we were in physical form. During spirit communication, I am able to link with the energy of the person in spirit and connect. It is through this ‘heart connection’ that the spirit allows me to connect with their loved ones.

When did you first realise you had your psychic ability and how did this come about? When I was 7 years old, I was hit by a car and had a near-death experience. Whilst I lay on the ground unconscious, I saw before me, the vision of an angel – surrounded by a white glowing light and with the most amazing big, blue eyes. I remember speaking to her and saying I wanted to stay with her. She spoke directly to me and told me in a beautiful, soft voice that I had to go back. Months passed after the accident and I began having spirits visit me in my bedroom. My mother took me to visit psychiatrists, who all informedher that I had an overactive imagination and that I wouldout grow it.

What was your reaction to this discovery at such an early age? At first it was very confusing. After the accident I started drawing pictures of angels all the time. I didn’t come from a particularly religious family, so my immediate family found it very unusual. At school I would faint a lot because I found the energies from the other children overwhelming. I was beginning to pick up and sense things about them. I started to share these things with individuals in the playground, but that led to being teased and picked on, cruelly, so I stopped and learnt to hide what I was experiencing.

Apart from doing private sessions with individual clients, what other activities are you involved in? This is a really exciting time for me right now… so much going on! Apart from my individual readings, I am doing live shows all over the country. I am recording an album of spiritual songs in the first week of August and I have begun working on a series of medium development courses, to help other mediums harness and nurture their talents. But what I am most passionate about is a course I will begin promoting soon about helping people to overcome and manage anxiety and depression – something very close to my heart.

With your larger and live audience readings - how does that work? The energy on the night is amazing! I use my gift to help people who have unfinished business with the dead. Some people who come to the live shows have been through tragedies or have lost a loved one. I get a lot of people who have lost loved ones in car accidents or through suicide and I can bring their loved ones through from the other side. It is all random and it is the spirits who direct the course of the night.

Which do you enjoy the most and why – individual sessions or live audience readings? The live shows deliver such an amazing energy. It’s an experience that gives me great joy and leaves me uplifted and on such a natural high for a week following each show. It is such a wonderful feeling to be able to connect with so many and also to help people who are maybe scared of death and help them to realise that there is indeed life after death.

The personal readings are very personal and there is a definite ‘heart connection’ felt. We discuss very specific details and I can pick up a lot about their life and family through touch and discussion. The readings generally go for an hour, but I cannot help myself once I get on a roll and we usually go for longer.

I also heard that you are involved in what is termed ‘’house cleansing’’ – can you expand on what that means and what is involved? For whatever reason, sometimes spirits are confused and afraid to crossover – so I try to help them understand. Sometimes I find the spirits are connected to the house in some way. It is my job to find out who the spirit is, diffuse their confusion and ask them to move on.

A year ago, I was contacted by a distressed mother, whose young daughter was describing strange things happening in her bedroom, things that left the young 3 year old in a state of terror. What was even more alarming were the photos the mother showed me, where the young child had unexplained finger marks around her neck and other areas of her body. I was able to identify a male spirit connected to the house – a man whom once lived in the house. I also felt the connection to a church close by for this man. This man was shown to me as a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde type of character. A community man respected in his community, but at the same time a person who took advantage of the young charges in his care. It was a distressing house cleansing. The spirit was stubborn and aggressive. It took several intense visits to send him on his way.

The accuracy of your readings is widely recognised and acclaimed… With a seemingly valuable skill such as yours, are you ever involved in working with the police, other authorities or even families in finding the whereabouts of missing or deceased persons? The police are unable to use psychics or mediums to help investigations, unless there is concrete proof to further their investigations. This is understandable. I can help families and individuals seek answers and I can pass onto them what the spirits are trying to tell and show me. Sometimes these images are quite powerful and very detailed.

Are you working on any such projects now? I was contacted not long ago, by a close friend of a mother of young girl who went missing in the Belmont area in the late 70’s. I met with the mother, who was now quite elderly, for what was a very delicate and sensitive reading. From the moment I took her hand in mine, what came through to me was overwhelming. The sense of Ivan Milat was strong. I was shown the bodies of three young women buried near Blacksmiths beach, including the daughter of the lady whose hand I was now holding. There were more details shared with the mother and the family has since passed this information onto the police. Hopefully more will come to light soon.

Your popularity is such that you are booked out for private readings years ahead, your live audience readings are growing in numbers and popularity, you have written a book, you won the 2014 People's Choice Award from the International Psychic Association. Where to from here? It has been an incredible journey. I am forever grateful for where this journey has taken me. I am so excited to see where it keeps growing and what will unfold next for me. I will continue to do my live shows and readings. I would love to venture into television if the opportunity presents itself. I would also love to be the Australian version of John Edwards!

Will you be doing any live audience readings in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie anytime soon? I am on the road from now until Christmas. My next local shows will be held at:

Nelson Bay Bowling Club - 10 October, 2015

Charlestown Bowling Club - 23 October, 2015

Tickets available from my website

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