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10-year vision for cycling and parking in City gets the green light

The City’s aspiration for safer and more connected cycleways and a parking plan that supports Newcastle’s growing population is a step closer with the final Cycling and Parking Plans adopted by the elected council at last night’s Ordinary Council Meeting.


Early industry engagement and broad community input, following an eight-week public exhibition, has shaped the adopted Cycling and Parking Plans.

Director of Governance David Clarke said the City now looks forward to moving ahead and bringing the Cycling and Parking Plans to life, as part of the strategic vision for transport in Newcastle.

“Building a safe and connected cycling network in Newcastle has been supported from the onset, along with robust parking management that complements the City’s efforts to increase the uptake of walking, cycling and public transport,” Mr Clarke said.

“Industry stakeholders and the community have played a key role in shaping our City’s integrated transport vision.

“Our final Cycling and Parking Plans respond to Newcastle’s ongoing transformation and revitalisation of both our city centre and local suburban centres, as well as contribute to our overall vision to be a liveable City with integrated and accessible transport.

“We can now begin rolling out the Cycling and Parking Plans to create transport networks and services that are well connected and convenient, where walking, cycling and public transport are viable options for the majority of our trips.”

Making the most efficient use of Newcastle’s public streetscapes remains the aim of the City’s Parking Plan, which addresses how to best manage parking demand now and into the future, with the flexibility to adapt to transport trends as Newcastle continues to grow.

“An integrated transport network is essential to creating a sustainable city and accommodate the more than 200,000 residents forecast to live in Newcastle by 2041,” Mr Clarke said.

“Community feedback supported time restrictions as part of the Parking Management Framework, and several highlighted the role for increased parking enforcement.

“Feedback from the community after reviewing the draft Cycling Plan indicated strong support towards separating cyclists and pedestrians to increase safety, in addition to education and campaign promotion around the correct use of shared spaces between motorists and cyclists, to address concerns around various behaviours.

“We thank the community for their feedback which is reflected in the final Cycling and Parking Plans.”


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