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Low Level Panic

Image Source: Her Productions.

Catapult Choreographic Hub


Experience HER Productions' thought-provoking play, "LOW LEVEL PANIC," a captivating exploration of female existence by Clare McIntyre. Following the success of "Uncle Vanya," this highly anticipated production delves into the lives of three intricate female characters in the intimate space of a shared bathroom. Against the backdrop of a hypersexualized, male dominated world, the play offers a raw and surprisingly humorous look into the challenges faced by women. Co-Artistic Director Charlotte De Wit reflects, "Although the play premiered in 1988, its themes remain profoundly relevant." HER Productions, founded by Charlotte De Wit and Marigold Pazar, seeks to ignite conversations, and create lasting impacts. Directed by Maike Strichow and featuring Marigold Pazar, Charlotte De Wit, and Megan Kennedy, the emotionally charged play delves into identity, friendships, and societal expectations, containing adult content for audiences aged 18 and above. For more information or to book tickets, visit

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