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The Humble Filling | Belledental

In an age of advancing AI, it is easy to be carried away with new, modern, exotic technologies.


Sometimes, when we’re exposed to this kind of bamboozling advance, we lose sight of simple, cost-effective, durable solutions. This looks and sounds a lot like what I’m seeing in Dentistry at the moment. Computerised ceramic mills use scanners to take optical impressions, all-on-implant restorations, and 3D printers. Again, YES, these are impressive technologies. But what about the cost… and who pays for it?

You may desire having such technology for your dental care. However, in such an age, it is easy to dismiss tried and proven, simpler, more cost-effective technologies that still work… and work well.

What about the humble filling? In 2006, I largely eliminated conventional crowns by recommending our composite resin crowns and fillings that I’d placed since the early 1990s. I regularly see my composite resin crowns placed in the 2000s – many approaching 17 years old and in excellent shape… This fills me with confidence that we can help people keep their teeth for life.

I have seen similar results around composite resin veneers. I treated a significant number of patients with composite resin veneers in the early 2000s. Many of these patients still have the veneers – albeit somewhat worn and discoloured. I now know that many of these early reconstructive treatments suffered because of the composite resin technology available at the time. The newer composite resins now available have greatly increased wear resistance, strength and colour stability, and because we didn’t cut any tooth structure away when we did the original composite resin veneers, the teeth are amenable to new veneers AGAIN, without the loss of any further tooth structure. Not only do these patients enjoy the financial and health benefits of long restorative cycles, but this is also how they keep their teeth for life.

If you are looking for durable, simple, cost-effective dental solutions that minimise or even eliminate the need to cut your teeth, contact Belledental for common-sense solutions that help keep your teeth for life.


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