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  • Chia-Wen Yeh

Swollen Gums, Wobbly Teeth, and Bad Breath... Red Flags for Destructive Gum Disease

Have you been feeling stressed lately? Stress lowers your immune resistance, and gum disease is all about immunity. If you're grappling with persistent bad breath or noticing your teeth have become loose with bleeding gums when you clean, irreversible gum disease might be knocking on your doorstep. In Part 2 of our series on gum disease, we're diving into irreversible gum disease.


Gum disease, the loss of bone around your teeth, is usually silent and painless until it's well and truly advanced. Catching this early makes management easier and makes for better treatment outcomes because once bone is lost, you never get it back!

At your six-monthly cleans, you might repeatedly hear… "you have to floss more and brush better!" This is not good enough. Allocation of at least 60 minutes for deep cleaning right to the bottom of the pocket and precise instruction around home care is critical. Not cleaning to the full depth of pockets is akin to tightening the drawstring of a bag with rubbish in it; it accelerates the progression of gum disease inside the pocket.

Recently at Belledental, we have noticed an influx of patients who have been stable in the past yet are now showing red flag signs of irreversible type gum disease. This dental disease arises from neglecting your gums at home, skipping professional cleanings and from stress levels tipping the condition over the edge.

At Belledental, we focus on halting infection and maximising your healing capacity. Everyone is coached for enhanced oral homecare routines to prevent future relapse. If "gum disease" rings a bell or you are awaiting your specialist appointment, call Belledental and ask for me. My passion for gum disease is backed by success, research and many satisfied patients. I’ve got the plan to keep your teeth in your mouth, saving you money without surgery.


intouch contributor CHIA-WEN YEH BelleDental Chia is Belledental’s gum disease guru –dedicating herself in the realm of research and developing simple, effective strategies to control gum disease.


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