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Northstars Split Weekend on the Road

Zane Jones. Image credit: Jess Fuller.

The Northstars have had a split weekend on the road going down to the CBR Brave 4-5 and defeating the Central Coast Rhinos 6-2. The game in Canberra was thrilling to watch and a great game for all the fans. Facing the Central Coast we came out strong with 5 unanswered goals in periods one and two, with the Rhinos clawing back two in the final period.



Head Coach Kevin Noble -

I am happy we have finished the weekend with three points, and this means we are keeping pace to get first place (on the ladder). We want to finish as high as we can, and our goal is to finish at the top of the table.

I think we can still get better defensively, our attention to detail and structure are a priority for us. I have all the confidence in the world that we can score goals, but for us its about what we give up not about what we get, so that will be something we continue to address and keep working on.

A highlight of the weekend is that our penalty kill was excellent in Canberra. Without a solid penalty kill and holding them to one for 13 power plays was the difference between us being in the game.

The Northstars will play at home on Sunday 25th June against Adelaide Adrenaline at 4pm. Tickets available at


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