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Northstars secure victory in overtime

image: Jess fuller

The Northstars secured a nail-biting Overtime 4-3 win on Sunday afternoon against Adelaide Adrenaline.


Going into the first break the Northstars had a 2-0 lead, with goals scored by Beau Taylor and Wehebe Darge.


Second period the visiting Adelaide Adrenaline had 3 unanswered goals onto the scoreboard and went into the second break with a 2-3 lead.


In the third period, Wehebe Darge scored the lone goal equalising the game and taking it to overtime.


30 seconds into overtime, Aiden Wagner secured the 2 points for the home team and the crowd erupted.


Head Coach Kevin Noble shared his thoughts on the game with Northstars Media:

For most of the night the effort was there, and the intention was good and pushing in the right direction. I think the second period was a summary of how we felt internally with some sickness and exhaustion, and it was uphill for us tonight.


We found a way to win and salvage two points, because for a while there we were going to end up with zero. As an athlete not every game is going to be perfect, and (as a coach) it’s never going to be the way you draw it up.


It’s one of those things where you, the other team, are coming off a back-to-back, while we’re sitting at home waiting, and today wasn’t going in our favour. We found a way to get it done which is exceptional. The guys came out, and got it done, and that’s all that really matters.


In regard to the electric crowd supporting the home team, Noble shared: “In the third period when we started to push the crowd really came alive. There wasn’t a lot for them to get excited about and it’s a credit to our room and the fans for sticking with us. Our fans are the best in the league, and they gave us the bump we needed.”


Northstars media spoke with Assistant general manager David Ferrari, who reflected on the second period, “Full credit to Adelaide who worked hard the second period, for us it was unacceptable. On a Sunday at home with a well rested team against visitors on the second half of their back to back games, (trailing by one goal) was really unacceptable. The guys showed really good character in the third to dig deep and empty the tank. It was a character building win to be able to pull the two points.”


Scoring the OT winning goal, Aiden Wagner shared his thoughts on the home crowd, “When you’re tired, in the third period and you’re going out every other shift and just trying to catch your breath, hearing the crowd going gives you that extra push and we can attribute that win to them tonight for giving us the extra energy.”


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